About the Artist

Where does your talent come from?
Artistic talent is a gift and our creative roots run deep. My Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandparents are all watercolor and oil painters. It is an amazing thing to discover, and something I didn't know until I really started to take my art seriously. (But not TOO serious, glitter and fluff and big eyes are the best.;)
Did you enjoy art as a child?
I loved coloring with my sister and cousins when I was little. Especially those giant coloring books. The Disney ones were my favorite. And nothing was better than a fresh box of Crayola crayons. The BIG box with all of the colors.
Did you take art classes?
I took beginning, intermediate, and advanced art classes in High School, just to learn the basics, and would doodle flowers in the corners of my notebook during math class. I do not recommend this. I still use a calculator for math. I think my numbers side of the brain is full of the names of shades of blues and greens.
How did you get started?
I taught myself how to draw animal cartoon characters when I was 19. My first toon was a bear in bunny slippers. My characters were in the local news paper. I sold a couple of Christmas greeting cards but put my art on hold while I had my kiddies, trading my nice Prismacolor colored pencils for Crayola crayons and coloring books once again. In 2013 I submitted 5 characters for the digital stamps section of Whimsy Stamps. I made a year and a half of digital stamps for this wonderful company and found my niche. Seeing my toons colored by other artists and made into adorable cards and projects made my heart happy. They were being put to use.
What is your creative routine?
When I am in my "creative zone" it is usually after I have dropped off my little ones at school. I come home, do my chores, hang out with my dogs, put on some music (usually Disney movie soundtracks) and get lost in what I am doing. I have an alarm set for when it is time to pick up my first child. Seriously! I get so into it all reality escapes and time passes quickly. I can't describe where my mind goes or how I do what I do. I wish someone would hookup my brain and let me know because I am interested. Everybody should be able to experience this place. It's a stress release, a spiritual experience, and I am happy. Anyone who is an artist will understand. Everyone else thinks i'm just weird. I know.
What creative obstacles have you had to overcome?
I have submitted my art to many companies. I have had lots of "NO"s, and "we will keep your work on file"s. After the new VAT law came into play most of the digi shops closed. I closed too for a while because of pain in my hand. It is the beginning stages of Arthritis in the index finger of my drawing hand. OUCHY! I stretched it and took lots of breaks all summer and was back in a flash.
What's next?
I am looking forward to the next part of my artistic journey but my favorite part of my day is the stuff that keeps me humble. Sharing what I create at our local school while I wait to pick up my kids or being asked by their teachers to do a guided draw for a class. These toons are loved. I hope I inspire others to create.
What do you do with your art sales?
For every sale I make I get to buy a colored pencil I am most likely running out of or a new ink pen, so thank you to all who support my toonie habit! :)